Tactical Assistance: I Need Help With Some of the Details

The decision has been made – you are exporting. Maybe it started with a shipment or two into a foreign market. Maybe you have been successful in one foreign market and now want to tackle another. Regardless, you need help with some of the details. Perhaps the shipping regulations in China are confusing you. Or you need to find a distributor in Thailand. Or you need to switch from air shipments to ocean shipping but face a bewildering array of choices.

Whatever challenges you face the IBA is your first step for getting answers to those detailed questions. We can find you other business people in the area who have faced and solved similar issues, or find free or paid service providers who can solve your issues.

If you are not ready to speak directly with a service provider, contact Steven King for a little guidance before you jump in.

Either way, becoming a member of CNYIBA is the most important first step. Through membership, you'll gain access to the mentors, consultants, programming, events, and information you'll need to fully integrate into the Central New York exporting community.