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Over $8.6Bn (and increasing) of the regions annual GDP is derived from export activity. With so many companies already immersed and developing these exports, the IBA is forming Community Export Forums for the purpose of connecting existing and new regional exporters to share experiences, information and ideas.

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Meetings are initially arranged by forum leaders and are encouraged to sustain themselves organically based upon the needs of participants. It is a great opportunity for networking and improving your knowledge of a region or industry sector where you are developing exports.

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Interested in joining one of these forums or creating a new forum?

"Should I Export" Community Forums

This includes a series of three forums aimed at highlighting key components of the ExportNY Program (click here for events).  If you are interested in exporting but don’t have the time or resources to devote to the 4-month ExportNY Program, you won’t want to miss this community forum series.

  • Company Readiness: assessing management’s commitment to exporting, production capacity for exporting, ability to provide international service commitments, developing an international marketing plan, foreign financing and financial transactions, freight forwarding, etc.
  • Product/Service Readiness: assessing market potential, strength of competition, developing an international customer base, product life cycle, foreign intellectual property concerns, etc.
  • Foreign Market Analysis: determining what geographic area(s) to target, understanding regulatory compliance issues, government assistance, locating and assessing partners/distributors, etc.

Industry Specific Community Forums

These forums are targeted at industry specific vertical markets where regional players can collectively engage each other in expanding their export potential.  Each forum will have a CNYIBA moderator to facilitate conversation among approximately 10 participating regional companies.  A forum volunteer will speak about a relevant topic of interest to launch discussion from the forum.  Once established, these forums are intended to become self-sustaining; without requiring the CNYIBA moderator to consistently attend.


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The CNYIBA has been one of the founding members of the recently (Fall 2016) established Aerospace Alliance of Upstate New York. (AAUNY)
The Aerospace Alliance of Upstate New York is a member driven non for profit cluster of manufacturers and related organizations promoting the strengths of the regional Aerospace Industry.  Members collaborate on marketing, capability development and supply chain integration to offer an efficient solution to aerospace and defense contractors.

The CNYIBA is working with AAUNY with international trade related support.

Click here to go to the AAUNY website.

  • Other Industry Specific Community Forums to follow. Contact us for more information.