EXPORTNY  EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM for all who work in the field of exporting.

Up to $2,500 in grant funding towards the cost of the progarm if you register before September 11.

Learn the essential skills + strategies to export successfully!

By the end of this fast-paced program, you’ll have an international business growth plan and will be on your way to expanding your markets.

A bootcamp for your international growth plan.
• Designed for owners and executives responsible for their company’s international marketing, finance and operations.
• Helps participants determine which international markets are attractive, prioritize efforts, develop strategies to penetrate each market and tackle the legal, cultural, logistical and regulatory issues of doing business abroad.

In a few short months, gain years of insights and experience directly from the experts.
• Participants meet for ten sessions with the first and last being in person running from 8:30am - 3:00pm at the Whitman School in Syracuse. The other eight sessions are all conducted by Zoom video calls and start at 8:30am ending at 11:00am.

• Special guest speakers from industry share their expertise on banking, cultures, currencies, intellectual property, legal contracts, marketing, selecting foreign partners, supply chains, transit, and more.

Strategies to launch your international success.
• Interactive course on global business development combining distance learning classroom training, market research support, tools for analysis and hands-on resources in a stimulating and supportive environment.
• Learn essential skills and strategies, maximize limited resources to grow export sales or train additional staff members to join your successful exporting team.

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