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2018 Recorded eCommerce Webinars

  • Recorded eCommerce in Russia 2018 Webinar.  Market Insider Tips from Key Experts in Russian eCommerce (August 2018) To purchase the recording ($25) please click HERE
    • Understanding cross-border ecommerce sales opportunities is key for American businesses navigating challenges of the Russian market. This webinar was designed to introduce U.S. companies to the basics of selling consumer goods to Russia via the internet. In this live interview setting, a panel of ecommerce experts currently active and successful in the Russian ecommerce space discussed: legal issues; logistical obstacles and opportunities, marketing strategies; tips to operating online stores in Russia (domestic and international).
  • "Learn about Digital Marketing and How to Increase Sales and Customer Leads"  (February) The eCommerce Innovation Lab (EIL) welcomes a special guest speaker, Mr. Robert Martinez, a digital coach with the “Accelerate with Google” program. Mr. Martinez  covers the basics of digital marketing in this one hour lunch & learn style program.  You’ll learn about digital marketing and how to increase sales and customer leads.
  • China & India Digital Strategy for eCommerce Series (March) In this webinar series presented by Frontier Strategy Group in collaboration with the U.S. Commercial Service (U.S. Department of Commerce’s International Trade Administration) and the eCommerce Innovation Lab, the presenters address the following:
    • "Overview of Digital Strategies in China and India"   2018 macroeconomic outlook for China and India; What is digital marketing’s unique role and how does it affect customer experiences? How do companies develop a digital customer strategy for China and India?
    • "Digital Strategy in China Pt 1" Government influence in digital development; Local players that dominate the market; Evolution of consumer behavior;  Digital awareness in B2B sectors; ecommerce readiness by region; Strategic holidays/dates for promotion efforts.
    • "Digital Strategy in China Pt 2: Customer Engagement" Building a comprehensive traffic plan; Partnering with online to offline service providers; Integrating WeChat with CRM; Partnering to avoid tech regulatory risk.
    • "Digital Strategy in India Pt 1" Government led digitalization; Digital infrastructure; Digital connectivity by state; Rising mobile penetration; Digital influenced shopping; Local digital players; Increasing E-commerce sales; Strategic holidays/dates.
    • "Digital Strategy in India Pt 2" Mobile first marketing; Effective ad campaigns; Utilizing multiple platforms; Unique product offerings; Mobile apps to serve rural India; Utilizing a social CRM; Creating an Omni-Channel experience; Collecting qualitative insights; Customer segmentation; Monitoring and mapping website traffic.
  • The Global eCommerce Opportunity: Are You Ready? (May)(Hosted by DHL Express) As part of their strategic partnership with the U.S. Commercial Service, DHL is moving forward to supporting export and import workshops such as today's webinar, where host Nemer Abohasen will cover emerging trends and the global opportunity, what customers are looking for, ecommerce case studies and summary, and free business resources available for the ecommerce sales channels.
  • Europe's GDPR and EU- U.S. Privacy Shield: What U.S. Exporters Need to Know.  (May)  (Recorded Webinar COST: $25)  Learn about the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and how the EU - U.S. Privacy Shield Framework can play an integral role in many companies' overall GDPR compliance strategy.

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