CNYIBA Members Luncheon Sept 2018 Exporting and E-Commerce

Friday, September 21, 2018
12:00 - 1:30 pm

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Luncheon conversation topic:     Working “Internet Time” across Time Zones

Speaker: Bill Keefe, President and co-founder, Julianna Rae and

Over the past few years, Julianna Rae, a US-based apparel design and retail brand, has seen international demand for its product grow by triple digits. No one likes to turn away growth but adapting a domestic internet marketing and distribution strategy to attract and meet global demand has required significant change to all aspects of the business.

After a brief introduction to the business and the environment, this presentation will outline the requirements of an international direct-to-consumer business, and what Julianna Rae has done to adapt to meet a new and rapidly changing environment.

Topics to be discussed

    1. At what point does investing in new, remote markets begin to make sense when your business model is based on low-cost, streamlined distribution?
    2. How many markets? Which ones?
    3. GDPR – What does it mean for US online commerce?
    4. Adapting your website for language differences
    5. Product selection -  How much of your line do you open with?
    6. Channels – Enter on your own? Use a selling platform?
    7. Inventory – Ship direct or pre-position inventory
    8. Customer service – Returns, language constraints

This program is open to Central New York International Business Alliance members only and is for companies of all sizes who wish to learn more about increasing their export sales and expanding their international business.

Century Club Directors room3

Cost is $25 per person and includes lunch.

Hope to see you there, 

The Century Club
480 James St,
Syracuse, NY 13203 
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The Century Club
480 James St,
Syracuse, NY 13203
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