CNYIBA Members Luncheon - Export Scams - Beware!!

Join us for our luncheon and learn about some of the internet scams that are being used to trick exporters.

What could go wrong? 

An overseas buyer contacts your company for an initial order, willing to pay you by credit card before it’s shipped. You've exchanged a few emails and it sounds like an easy order.......  But wait... 

  • What red flags did you miss?
  • What should you do to check this is a real enquiry?


We're also looking for exporters in the region who have had expeiriences of attempted scams on their export business:

If you've been approached by internet scammers attempting to trick you with international sales orders and you would like to share this experience to help fellow exporters, please contact us prior to the event.


  • $35 per CNYIBA member and includes lunch. List of member companies HERE
  •  A limited number of seats are available for non CNYIBA members to attend this luncheon:  $45 per person for Non CNYIBA members.



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