Mentoring & Consultation

While we encourage members and non-members who are new to exporting to follow the structured three stage process outlined under 'Should I Export', we realize that some companies prefer a more customized approach to solving their export challenges. For this reason we offer both Mentoring and Customized Consultations. Contact Steven King for more information.


The Leaders at CNYIBA are connected to industries, businesses, volunteers, and government representatives throughout Central New York and around the world.   You can gain access to these experts.  To participate in our mentoring service our export consultant will first conduct a shortened version of our “Gap Analysis” assessment study to confirm your needs.  We will then recommend the names of three or more potential mentors for your consideration.  After you review the names and backgrounds, we provide introductions to your preferred choices. You take it from there. The CNYIBA will conduct a progress assessment at the end of three months to monitor and maintain the quality of the program. Discounted pricing available to CNYIBA Members.

Customized Consultation

Perhaps your situation is unique and your challenges already well-defined, but you just need help getting the initiative over a particular hurdle.   We can engage with you in a custom-designed project to get over that hurdle.  As with our other services, the first step involves a shortened version of our “Gap Analysis” to verify the situation, the need, and CNYIBA’s ability to help.  After payment of a nominal proposal-generation fee a formal and custom-designed project and deliverables will be developed for your approval.  Once approved, work can begin. Discounted pricing available to CNYIBA Members.

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