EXPORTNY Program 2019

 A world of opportunity is out there - if you know how and where to fulfill your company's potential for success on an international scale. But, how can you get there from here? As a small or mid-sized business, your resources don't exactly span the globe. Yet, if you had access to the International Marketing expertise and training you need, your company could become a successful and profitable competitor in the global marketplace. A powerful resource exists to help your company fulfil its potential.

The Program: A Four-Month Launch into the Global Marketplace

Next Program Starts February 13th, 2019 at the Whitman School of Management, Syracuse University, Syracuse NY.

Eight x one day sessions:  2/13, 2/27, 3/13, 3/27, 4/10, 4/24, 5/8 and 5/22

Limited places are now available.

Please contact us at info@cnyiba.net for more information.

ExportNY, a four month international business development program, is presented by Syracuse University and the Central New York Technology Development Organization (TDO) in collaboration with the CNYIBA.

ExportNY is designed for executives responsible for their company's international marketing, finance & operations. It helps participants determine which international markets are attractive, prioritize efforts, develop strategies to penetrate each market and tackle the legal, cultural, logistical and regulatory issues of doing business abroad.

The program takes a strategic approach to developing a global business plan and gives companies a jump start by providing classroom training, market research, tools and resources in a stimulating, interactive and supportive environment. ExportNY provides Syracuse University interns at no additional cost to help with research and implementation efforts under the guidance of the participant and program staff.

Participants spend two days per month in program sessions. Between sessions they work on developing and executing their plan. By the end of this fast paced program, businesses are on their way to expanding their markets.


ExportNY program staff and guest speakers from industry cover the key elements of exporting:

Typical syllabus: (Subject to change)

  1. Company Readiness to Go Global
  2. Global Business Environment
  3. U.S. Dept. of Commerce – Commercial Service
  4. International Business Planning: The Foreign Market Business Plan
  5. Harmonized Codes System
  6. Foreign Market Entry Strategies Direct & Indirect
  7. Export Regulations & Barrier Issues
  8. Export Compliance
  9. International Business Law Overview
  10. Cross-Cultural Business Practices: Do’s & Don’ts
  11. International Business Communications
  12. Language & Cultural Translation
  13. Foreign Business Ethics / Issues
  14. International Business Risk Management / Insurance
  15. International Product Marketing
  16. Finding & Evaluating Potential Partners
  17. Product Design, Adaptation, & Certification
  18. International Marketing Communications
  19. International Website & Search Engine Optimization
  20. Preliminary Target Market Research
  21. Trade Finance & International Banking
  22. Foreign Exchange Risk Management
  23. US Export-Import Bank Programs
  24. Domestic International Sales Companies (DISC’s)
  25. International Supply Chain Management
  26. Export Logistics
  27. INCOTERMS & Customs Brokerage
  28. International Product Support & Reverse Logistics
  29. HR Planning Considerations
  30. Business Plan Implementation

Cost of the program:

$4,495 (You may include up to two staff for this price - a third person is an extra $300).

$3,995 Special offer for CNYIBA Members with $500 discount. (Up to two staff for this price - a third person is an extra $300) 

Participants may also eligible for a grant from the Workforce Development Institute (WDI) covering a portion of the program fee. 

Applicants must contact WDI and submit an application one month in advance of the program starting.

For more information or to sign up please contact:

Sue Wisniewski at CNYTDO Tel:315-425-5144   E-Mail:  swisniewski@tdo.org 

or Steven King at CNYIBA Tel: 315-470-1800 E-mail:  sking@cnyiba.net

CALL NOW !!! Space is limited to just  6 to 8 companies only

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